A San Antonio high tech company has its head in the clouds.


1200 WOAI news reports that San Antonio based Exploration-Architecture Corporation (XArc) is putting together a proposal to participate in privately funded space exploration, with a goal of establishing a lunar base.

XArc CEO Sam Ximenes says San Antonio is perfectly placed as private space exploration companies explore the possibility of building space ports in Brownsville and at Ellington Field in Houston.


"With the Brownsville spaceport at one end, and the Houston spaceport at the other, and then San Antonio sitting in the middle," he said.

XArc has recently been chosen by the Houston Airport System to conduct an Economics and Business Study for a proposed commercial spaceport at Ellington Airport.


He says the 'spaceports' would look like a normal airport, with planes rolling down the runway.


"Some fly directly from a landing strip, some use the piggy-back concept where they take off from a runway and release the space vehicle."


Ximenes says the next goal of human space travel is creation of a base on the moon...perhaps under the lunar service...which could be used for further space exploration.


The 'space port' concept is being pioneered by several private space ventures, including Space-X, which is already active in Texas.