Now that the eight NCAA March Madness teams coming to San Antonio have been identified, Lynn Hickey has her work cut out for her.

  UTSA is the official host of the second and third round games being played in San Antonio, and Hickey, as the UTSA Athletic Director, is now in charge of the busy week of making sure the floor at the AT&T Center is ready to go, and all of the preparations have been made.

  "There are certain things that have to covered on the main floor of the AT&T Center," Hickey said.  "They actually bring in their own court, so it will be a NCAA championship court on the floor, but it will be the same building where people watch the Spurs."

  She says the goal is to have everything in place by mid day Wednesday, to give the teams their opportunity to work out and practice on the court before Friday's second round games begin in the late morning, and last until about midnight.

  "It's a basketball building, so its a great place to hold the tournament," she says.  "There are a lot of bells and whistles, so it will be a great experience for the student athletes who come in and play."

  The AT&T Center is used to transformations, it recently transformed into a rodeo rink and a concert stage during the Stock Show and Rodeo, so transforming it from pro to college championship basketball won't be that much of a challenge.

  The Spurs are in California all week.

  Hickey expects plenty of excitement in the AT&T Center.

  "Iowa State is famous for the fan following that they have," she said.  "North Carolina is a household name.  We may have the entire state of Nebraska here, with Nebraska and Creighton here.  We have teams that have been brought to this state that travel well."