After more than five years, the Julian Castro era in San Antonio comes to an end today, with the Mayor officially resigning to take his new post as Secrerary of Housing and Urban Development in President Obama's cabinet, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

  The final act in the mayor's term will be to preside at the special City Council meeting this morning where his successor will be selected, by Council, and from among the ten council members.

  The clear front runner, according to Council sources, is east side Councilwoman Ivy Taylor, who would be the city's first ever African American mayor.  One source told News Radio 1200 WOAI she has the support of five council members.

  The successful candidate will require six votes from the ten members of Council.    Mayor Castro will not vote.  Council members can abstain from voting.

  Also in the running is northwest side councilman Ray Lopez.  Both Lopez and Taylor are the senior members of council, and both have indicated that they will not run for a full term as mayor in May of 2015.

  The other two people who have entered their names into consideration, Ron Nirenberg from the northwest side and Shirley Gonzales from the west side are clearly long shots, although either could become the 'kingmaker,' and they could conceivably be compromise candidates if neither Taylor nor Lopez can muster the needed six votes.

  Both Nirenberg and Gonzales are first term council members and both required runoffs to win their seats.  Council prefers the 'legitimacy' granted by a strong electoral showing, especially amid the controversy surrounding the fact that the mayor will not be elected by popular vote.

  The new mayor, or 'interim mayor' as some are calling the position, will serve until May 31, 2015.