The National Football League is expected to be a no-show for some time to come in San Antonio, but northeast side Councilman Mike Gallagher thinks we have a much better chance of luring Major League Soccer as the city's second big league franchise, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

  Gallagher is proposing that San Antonio make a formal bid to the MLS to field an expansion team to play at Toyota Field, which is the home of the minor league San Antonio Scorpions soccer team.

  The stadium is owned by philanthropist Gordon Hartman as a way to raise money for his Morgan's Wonderland theme park for the disabled.  The Scorpions have been a success, frequently filling the seats for minor league matches.

  "The interest in soccer is clearly rising not only worldwide, but in San Antonio," Gallagher said.  "To have another major league sport in our city would provide great exposure."

  Gallagher says MLS in San Antonio would be a popular attraction among the many native Latin Americans who live in South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley.

He points out the excitement for soccer that was seen across the city during this summer's World Cup.

  "By having a Major League Soccer Team in San Antonio, our community could yield significant economic impacts as fans from around the region and even Mexico would have the opportunity to see an MLS team play at Toyota Field, spend money at our local shops, restaurants, and hotels, and contribute to the revitalization of the northeast corridor," Gallagher said.

  MLS has announced plans to expand.