If your idea of a poem starts 'there was a young man from Southampton...' you probably wouldn't have gotten the job anyway...but Mayor Julian Castro today appointed Laurie Ann Guerrero as the city's second official Poet Laureate, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Guerrero will succeed Carmen Tafolla, whose two year term as the city's Poet Laureate comes to an end March 31st.


  "Following in the footsteps of Carmen Tafolla will not be easy, but Laurie Ann Guerrero is an inspiring choice who will amplify the importance of literary arts in San Antonio," Castro said.


  She is a graduate of McCollum High School and Smith College, where she earned an M.F.A. in poetry.  She has written two books of poetry, including 'Babies under the Skin' and has won the Andres Montoya Poetry Prize.


  She'll have to get right to work.  April is National Poetry Month, and the city has several events planned.


  Guerrero will receive a $3,000 a year salary for her Poet Laureate job.


  San Antonio is the only city in Texas to have its own Poet Laureate.