CPS Energy and the San Antonio Police Department says you should be wary of scammers who are preying on CPS Energy customers.


  They call customer at random and tell them their power bill is overdue...and unless they pay up within two hours, their power will be shut off.


  Olivia Flores knew right away that the person who called her was a scammer.


  "He said give me your account number for 'CPA' instead of CPS," she said.


  CPS Energy says Flores hung up and immediately called them and the police.  Shawn Eddy, who heads CPS Energy Security Operations, says that is the right response to this scam.


  He says already the number of people who have been targets of these scammers is on pace to surpass last year's level.


  "In 2013, we had 441 reports of impostors," he said.  So far in 2014, the utility has heard from 114 customers.


  CPS Energy says in addition to the scammers not knowing the name of the company, the method of payment they demand should also raise eyebrows.


  They instruct the person to buy a Green Dot or prepaid debit card, not exactly the way a legitimate company does business.


  CPS Energy says it never threatens to disconnect service by phone or in-person, never asks for bizarre forms of payment like Green Dot debit cards, and the utility never calls to request credit or banking information.


  This scam is being pulled off all over the country.  The people who are calling are probably in another state or in another country, and simply call homes at random looking for victims.