San Antonian Lucy Coffey, who at 108 is the oldest living female World War II veteran and the second oldest of all veterans of the war, will be leaving for Washington DC on Friday on a sentimental journey, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

  "We're taking her to see the World War II memorial, the Women's Veterans Memorial, and then he have a special event that we have arranged for her to go to the White House," said Marine veteran Allen Bergeron, who runs Honor Flight Austin.

  Lucy Coffey was already in her late thirties when she joined the Women's Army Corps at the start of World War Two.  Bergeron says her duty, which was mainly in the Pacific Theater, was hardly a desk job.

  "She was awarded two Bronze Stars for valor," he said respectfully.  "I know from twenty years in the Marine Corps that nobody receives a Bronze Star unless they do something very heroic."

  Honor Flight provides special flights for ageing World War Two veterans who want to see the World War Two memorial.  Many need special care on the flights, which is something that Sgt. Coffey will receive.

  "We are bringing her caregiver, she is coming with us on the flight, as well as a female firefighter."

  Coffey, who never married or had children, has also expressed a desire to meet with Japan's ambassador during her trip to Washington.  She lived in Japan for ten years after the end of the war.

   Later in her life, Coffey continued serving her country, working at Kelly Air Force Base for twenty years until retiring in the early seventies.