A new Rasmussen Poll out this afternoon shows Democrat Wendy Davis significantly eroding Republican Greg Abbott's once secure double digit lead in the race for governor, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

  The Rasmussen Poll shows Davis creeping to within 8 percentage points of the front runner, with Abbott polling 48% and Davis polling 40%.

  This is in comparison to a 12 percentage point lead Abbott held over Davis in the last Rasmussen Poll, in March, and a 17 percentage point lead Abbott held in a poll out just last month.

  In fact, Davis' surge has prompted Rasmussen to switch his outlook on the race, changing it from 'Safe Republican' to 'Leans Republican.'

  It’s a major victory for Democrats who have been pounding on Abbott over issues ranging from a ruling he made in a rape case when he served on the Texas Supreme Court to his alleged cozy connections to a lot of behind the scenes bigwigs.

  Abbott has generally refrained from aggressive campaigning, instead issuing policy statements and making occasional appearances.

  9% of Texans list themselves as undecided, which is also a victory for Davis, because people trailing in the polls always want the number of undecideds to be larger than the gap that separates them from the frontrunner.

  One indication of potential trouble for Davis.  The poll shows her and Abbott tied among women, a demographic that Davis has to win strongly to have a chance in November.