He new head of the Veterans Administration told members of Congress in San Antonio that 'acting' is not part of his job description, and he plans immediate changes to stabilize the troubled agency, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  "In far too many instances, in far too many locations, we've let our veterans down, Sloan Gibson said.

  He says he is beginning two initiatives immediately to deal with the backlog of veterans not receiving medical care.

  He has begun the process of seeking out what is called 'purchased care,' or contracts with non VA hospitals to care for veterans in cases where demand outweighs the supply of clinic spaces or hospital beds.

  He has also ordered VA facilities, including those in San Antonio, to stay open 'non traditional hours; to make sure veterans can get off waiting lists.

  Several VA facilities, including some in Texas, have been accused of creating 'imaginary' records showing veterans receiving care promptly, when in reality, many had to wait months.