San Antonio Police say the death of a pizza delivery man on the northwest side late Wednesday was a case of capital murder, detectives tell Newsradio 1200 WOAI.

  Police say the 47 year old Papa John's Pizza delivery man was making a delivery at the DeZavala Oaks Apartments in the 6000 block of Dezavala Road.  Detectives say the man told the woman who picked up the pizza that he was in a hurry because he had seen a 'suspicious man' lurking around his car.

  When the victim got back to the car, he found the suspicious man in the driver's seat of his silver Camry.

  The victim jumped in front of the car, and the thief hit the gas, pinning the victim between his car and another car in the parking lot.  He was rushed to University Hospital, where he was dead on arrival.

  Police say the killer sped out of the parking lot with the lighted Papa John's sign still on top of the car. 

  He will face charges of capital murder when he is captured, because it was a murder committed in the course of stealing the car.  The charge carries the possibility of the death penalty.