Gov. Rick Perry took another giant step toward a 're-run' for the White House today when he announced the formation of a Political Action Committee called 'Rick PAC' to raise money for 'conservatives across our country who share our beliefs and principles.'

  Perry says Rick PAC is 'dedicated to electing conservatives who will work to secure our nation's border, reduce the debt for future generations and, unlike so many in Washington, focus on achieving results.'

  Perry didn't mention any Presidential aspirations in an e-mail to supporters, but he did say that it is 'time to take back our country' and he said "America needs leaders who will take the most successful lessons from the states and apply the best practices at the federal level, leaders who know that the only way to revive our nation's ailing economy is to reduce taxes, cut government spending, foster private sector growth, and eliminate unnecessary regulations," essentially Perry's platform as governor of Texas.

  Perry has made numerous visits to Iowa and other early decision states, and he has decided not to run for re-election in November.

  The formation of Rick PAC comes at a time when Perry is riding a wave of popularity among Republicans for his handling of the border crisis, and he has seen a steady rise in his polling numbers.