The family of an unarmed teenager who was shot to death by a Bexar County Sheriff's Sergeant in a still unexplained 2012 incident is suing the sheriff's department for wrongful death, News Radio 1200 WOAI's Michael Board reports.

 "Why were there shots fired?" asked attorney Sean Lyons of the firm of Hendler Lyons Flores, which is representing the family of Jose Alberto Guerra, 19.  "Why was he even stopped on the road?  Why did the officer use something less than lethal force?"

  Lyons says Guerra was stopped while walking down Culebra Road in October of 2012.  After an altercation, Guerra was shot to death by a deputy, identified in the lawsuit as Sgt. Frank Bellino.  He is named in the lawsuit along with Bexar County, which means taxpayers are on the hook for any potential damages.

  Lyons says the point is to provide some sort of information about the case.  He says the Sheriff’s office and the Bexar County District Attorney have refused to reveal any of its investigation, and he says 'critical witnesses' were not called before the Grand Jury which declined to issue indictments in the case.

  "They are healing the best they can," he said.  "But they want and they need answers about what happened to their son. 

  The Sheriff's Department says Guerra was shot because the sergeant feared for his life, afraid that Guerra was trying to 'shove him into oncoming traffic.'