Nobody ever accused State Senator Dan Patrick (R-Houston) of shying away from a fight.


  Patrick, who is a candidate for Lieutenant Governor, came to San Antonio on Tuesday to speak before a Christian group, and he took time out to go to the Alamo, and call out Mayor Julian Castro.


  "Mayor, I care more about the citizens of this state and this city than I think you do,” Patrick said.


  Castro and Patrick have been engaging in an open feud for a month, after Castro criticized Patrick's tough stance on illegal immigration on Twitter.


  Patrick challenged the Mayor to a debate, and Castro accepted, but he said it would have to wait until March, due to his schedule.


  "We must secure our border, Mayor," Patrick said today.  "I challenged you to a debate, you said yes, that was more than a month ago and you refused to set a date here in February.

 Patrick said he supports immigration, he just doesn't support illegal immigration.


  Patrick has made his opposition to illegal immigration and sanctuary cities a keystone of his campaign in what has become a rush to the right by the candidates for Lieutenant Governor.