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Isaac Higgins Bio

I spent seven years in Abilene, TX before moving to Austin in 11th grade. It wasn’t long after that I went off to Alabama on scholarship to the University of Alabama. I spent a vast amount of time studying business both in and out of the classroom. The school had many great programs that helped connect students to numerous opportunities to jump start business careers. Through some of these programs, I worked closely with several start-up companies that eventually led to working with more established corporations like Anheuser-Busch.

During my Junior year of college, January 9th, 2017, I registered my first business and built an online e-commerce store drop shipping and re-selling products. Going through this process gave me valuable knowledge and skills related to e-commerce. Even though the store was only operational for over half a year, it taught me many skills that transferred into my current venture.

After graduation in August and moving back home to Austin, I started working on a new healthcare model. In my model, I would build a platform that allows Providers to sell services directly to patients and create a free market approach to healthcare. By providing services directly to the patient and cutting out the middle man we would drastically reduce the waste in the current system. Providers are able to sell and manage their own memberships in the form of 12-month packages and charge a recurring monthly fee for set for these packages cutting out the middleman of insurance.

With this idea, I saw an opportunity to help millions of people. So, on October 4th, 2017 I registered the company and formed Cage Free Care. Through this platform, I plan to empower both the patients and providers in creating a better healthcare system for all.

Cage Free Care

Cage Free Care is a fixed-cost healthcare membership program that is being offered as an alternative to the growing cost and inconvenience of the existing insurance-based healthcare system. This innovative direct care program gives patients the key to quality and affordable healthcare in emergency medicine, direct primary care and telemedicine. Cage Free Care members no longer have to worry about the cost or access to care. Our program gives members the key to break free from the "Cage"​of co-pays, deductibles, filing claims, surprise bills, making appointments, or waiting for their care. Healthcare the way it should be. Developed in Austin, Texas Cage Free Care is both the best of the past and future of our healthcare system. By restoring the patient/doctor relationship of the past and uniting it with the innovation of memberships to standalone healthcare facilities, Cage Free Care is giving members the key to the way healthcare should be.

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