Morgan's Wonderland Camp

SATX life host Tito Caballero gives you an exclusive behind the scenes preview of the new Morgan's Wonderland Camp with a personal guided video tour from founder and philanthropist Gordan Hartman.

Hartman's vision of a theme park free of physical and economic barriers has expanded well beyond Morgan's Wonderland. The latest project, Morgan's Wonderland Camp, includes challenge courses, zip lining, a nature area to pet animals, stables and a campfire social area.

Morgan's Wonderland opened in April of 2010 as the world’s first theme park designed with special-needs individuals in mind and built for everyone’s enjoyment. The completely wheelchair-accessible park features more than 25 elements, including rides, playgrounds, and other colorful attractions.

In 2017 expansion continued with Morgan’s Inspiration Island. The waterpark is like a tropical-island paradise with colorful splash pads, the River Boat Adventure ride and revolutionary waterproof wheelchairs.

Morgan's Wonderland opens officially under Covid-19 safety protocol on March 5, 2021.