SATX Life: A Bodega With Heart

From collecting toys for kids at Christmas to providing a celebration for the class of 2021 seniors, Jefferson Bodega is always looking for ways to be of service to others. In this episode of SATX Life you'll see beautiful people coming together to help others, and in turn inspiring many to do the same.

We caught up with Luke, A.K.A. "The Bodega Man" and Erica Vandervort from @4goodness_sa on Instagram to share the passion and heart behind this westside destination. Just a few hundred feet from Jefferson High School, Jefferson Bodega knew they had to step up to the plate for graduating seniors. In about a week's time the community came together with vendors, media companies, entertainment, food, and pulled off an epic celebration last month for graduating seniors. If you follow Jefferson Bodega on Instagram you'll not only see a flood of hard-to-find products, you'll also see Luke doing random acts of kindness in his community.

Support local and visit this Bodega with heart! You can find Jefferson Bodega at 1005 Donaldson Ave, San Antonio, Texas 78228.

See our latest episode of SATX Life hosted by Tito Caballero below.

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