Off The Clock Tattoo Owner Nacion Botello Clocks Out In Order To Cash In

Photo: American Vida Podcast

When I first thought about creating a list of 21 local San Antonio businesses I wanted the list to be diverse, rich with stories, struggles, successes, and good people. Nacion Botello, owner of Off The Clock Tattoo checked all of those boxes. I first met Nacion Botello over coffee at Barrio Barista. That's when I learned about his story, and how he had to literally clock out so he could cash in. It's rare to find one person who can deliver the creativity of an artist and the business savviness of an entrepreneur. Nacion is talented at both. He's already in high demand locally, and he's starting to get more national attention so get your ink while you can because I predict that Nacion is about to blow up.

Photo: Off The Clock Tattoo

Did you know that the San Antonio/Austin areas rank among the top regions in the country for body art? There are more folks with ink in our region than most areas of the country. It really is part of our culture. As I think about my circle of friends I'd say 8/10 have at least one tattoo. Including me! If you're looking to add some new body art, or if you're looking for your first tattoo, reach out to Nacion Botello to get to know him and you just might find yourself addicted to body art.

It was great catching up with Nacion and learning about his story. Check out our podcast below and be sure to share with a friend. Off The Clock Tattoo is located at 1917 Castroville Rd. in San Antonio, TX 78237. You can call them at (210) 993-1787.

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